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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

This week there are Saturday games but unfortunately on FanDuel there is no Saturday through Sunday games so this will be an only Sunday day game. Like always the italicized players are the most expensive in that category and the bold and italicized are different options to pick or possible stacks. We use FanDuel prices and they give us a salary of $60,000 for 9 total spots. Every pick I choose, except quarterback, will fall under $6700. I make this list because these are people who I believe will give you the most bang for your buck. I don’t think these are the only players you should have but they will be good to round out your roster after selecting the more expensive stars. Star players are stars but they are more expensive and everyone is looking to grab those players. The approach you need to take when drafting in DFS is that of Moneyball, who is cheap and will get you the farthest. I try my best to make that possible.

QB - Gardner Minshew $6600 (JAX @ BAL)

Patrick Mahomes $8900

Stack Option: DJ. Chark $5800 Man has been plagued by injuries and then when he became healthy had a QB that wouldn’t throw him the ball so finally Minshew is back to give him the respect he deserves.

For the first time this year I have a QB actually under the average price. I am a big believer in Minshew Mania and think he hasn’t played as much this year because of conspiracy at the highest level. But the real reason this week is all the players in which I do like are just too expensive for an article who’s whole purpose is value. This is a week in which I believe a premium needs to be paid for one of the best fantasy QB’s and only offer Minshew because along with Sam Darnold these are the cheapest starting QB’s. If you want to roll the dice this week then go with someone who is exciting to watch and surprises most people every week he actually plays.

RB - Leonard Fournette $5500 (TB @ ATL)

Derrick Henry $10,200

More expensive option: Cam Akers $6700 He is going abasing the Jets and is now the true starter in this backfield plus he is hot hot hot now.

Ronald Jones is out and I don’t see Lesean McCoy coming out super hot so Fournette is poised to be the starter. The most difficult part of this selection is Bruce Arians, The Bitch. The biggest reason for this selection is because of situation. Atlanta is not a good defense and Fournette is still a very talented back who will now see starting touches. A starter for this cheap is a steal no matter how big of a bitch the coach is.

WR - Lynn Bowden Jr. $5000 (MIA vs. NE)

Tyreek Hill $9300

More expensive option: Brandon Aiyuk $6900 Officially the number one target in San Fran and he is on a tear as of late don’t let him slip by just because the 49ers aren’t as good this year.

Lynn Bowden in some leagues is eligible as both a WR and a RB. The Miami backfield is a huge mess with multiple players listed as questionable and the starter Gaskin now on the COVID list. Bowden very well can see multiple run attempts and also multiple targets. Last week he saw 9 targets and 1 rushing attempt. I say for someone who could see a surprising amount of work this Sunday you go after him and for only $5000 he is a low risk high reward start this week.

TE - Gronk $6300 (TB @ ATL)

Travis Kelce $8500

More Expensive option: Travis Kelce Always doesn’t matter the fee you either pick Kelce or you roll the dice on someone else.

Gronk continues to have consistent numbers, for a TE. If you don’t want to splurge on Kelce the Gronk has the best matchup this week for a TE I can still trust.

Flex - David Johnson RB $5900 (HOU @ IND)

Derrick Henry $10,200

More expensive option: Raheem Mostert $6900 Dallas is on pace to allow the 2nd most points in NFL history so this is a great week for Mostert to get back in his Groove and breakout.

There are a lot of players I like that are $6700- $7000 and then a steep drop-off once we hit the cost we are looking for here. David Johnson is here kind of by default he checks all the boxes. He’s a starter and should see a large workload, he can catch the ball and make moves in the open field and his team is hurt and desperate for a spark all of which Johnson can deliver if they use him right. Let's hope thats the case.

Def - 49ers @ Dallas $4200

Rams $5000

More expensive option: Rams $5000 A defensive TD in each of the past 3 games and the Jets are the last ranked team against opposite defenses.

The 49ers are still a great defense but are just hurt. They still have been a top tier defense this year and are getting healthy slowly. They won’t see big names back this year but they are deep enough to still have staunch defense. Dallas is bad. Plain and simple just bad this year and I can see the 49ers shutting this team down with ease.

Total Spent (using only value picks): $33,500

AVG Price Per Pick: $5583

Money Remaining: $26,500

AVG. Price left on 3 remaining roster spots: $8833

Flex players you could still afford with this team: All flex players not named Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, or Tyreek Hill can still be bought with the amount of money left.

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