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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Fantasy playoffs are among us, but this is daily fantasy so none of that matters. What does matter is the laundry list of injuries that has been coming out this week. Like always, the italicized players are the most expensive in that category and the bold and italicized are different options to pick or possible stacks. We use FanDuel prices and they give us a salary of $60,000 for 9 total spots. Every pick I choose, except quarterback, will fall under $6700. I make this list because these are people who I believe will give you the most bang for your buck. I don’t think these are the only players you should have but they will be good to round out your roster after selecting the more expensive stars. Star players are stars but they are more expensive and everyone is looking to grab those players. The approach you need to take when drafting in DFS is that of Moneyball, who is cheap and will get you the farthest. I try my best to make that possible.

QB - Kirk Cousins $7500 (MIN @ TB)

Aaron Rodgers $9100

Stack option: Like I said last week either Jefferson $7800 or Thielen $7700 are smart choices and hell with how they have all been performing stacking all 3 isn’t a bad choice either.

I talked a lot about the positives of Cousins on the podcast this week. Dalvin Cook is a great talent and arguable the best running back in the NFL, but Tampa Bay is the best run defense in the league and that may require more Cousins this week who has been riding a pretty hot streak as of late.

RB - J.D. McKissic $5300 (WAS @ SF)

Dalvin Cook $10,200

More expensive option: Austin Ekeler $7500 man still had 8.8 points after having his team get 0. He east targets in the passing game just like Kamara did before Brees went out.

Antonio Gibson is officially out and while Peyton Barber is likely to receive the most running work, McKissic will see a lot of targets and is more electric with the ball in his hands. McKissic very well could see a game like Austin Ekeler saw 2 weeks ago where he had 16 targets since the Washington Washingtons have most of a week to game plan for it. At this price, McKissic has a very high upside and is criminally underpriced at this moment, get him before he costs more later.

WR - Tim Patrick $5400 (DEN @ CAR)

Devante Adams $9600

More expensive option: Mike Williams $6100 I have no reason and no argument, besides its against the Flacons, but I just feel a breakout performance this week.

This is a week, to be honest, in which it was very difficult to select someone that is not over average price. That was until I stumbled upon Tim Patrick who, if we eliminate the New Orleans punishment game, has been pretty solid for a good part of this season. He is by far Drew Lock's favorite target this season since Courtland Sutton is out, and this week they have a solid matchup to go against. Jerry Jeudy has some drama for himself with his tweets ( he must have been hanging with Michael Thomas in his free time) and that could mean Drew Lock, who was the subject of one of those tweets, might be feeling petty. Patrick has been one of the few fantasy bright spots this season for a lackluster Broncos team, and this is an amazing price for a number 1 option on a team.

TE - GRONK $6200 (TB vs. MIN)

Travis Kelce $8200

More Expensive option: Travis Kelce $8200 Man has had 1 bad week this whole season which is unmatched.

Tight end is a shit show this year and Gronk has been TE2 since week 6 when he finally got reacclimatized to the NFL. Every other premier TE has a difficult matchup this week so Gronk has the most potential this week out of anyone not named Travis Kelce.

Flex - David Montgomery $6600 (CHI @ HOU)

Dalvin Cook $10,200

More expensive option: Derrick Henry $9600 He transforms into something else every December and he gives so much to his fantasy managers he needs to be nicknamed Santa Clause.

Man is RB 1 over the past 2 weeks and since week 5 has had only 1 game outside the top 24. He is very consistent and has been able to get it done not only on the ground but through the air. This man in that streak since week 5 by the way has only scored 4 times. Pretty much all of his fantasy production comes from the dirty work yards and receptions. The fact that he can be producing solid fantasy numbers without scoring is mind boggling. More importantly, however, the past 2 weeks, in which he is RB 1, he has scored 3 of those 4 touchdowns since week 5. He is continuing his great yardage and receiving work, but now he is starting to reach the end zone. That will only elevate his games into money making territory.

Def - Titans @ JAX $3900

Seahawks $5000

More expensive option: Saints $4900 they face a rookie QB in his first ever start for a team that has looked terrible offensively all year.

Titans aren’t a great defense but the Jacksonville offense has been bad and turnover happy. I believe they need to start Minshew again, but they won’t because they are afraid they will look stupid if Minshew performs well and then they select a QB in this next draft. Mike Glennon has shown he is a wizard at turning the ball over, and that is the only reason I have the Titans Selected.

Total Spent (using only value picks): $34,900

AVG Price Per Pick: $5816

Money Remaining: $25,100

AVG. Price left on 3 remaining roster spots: $8366

Flex players you could still afford with this team:Hopkins, Kelce, James Robinson, A.J. Brown.

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