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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Like always the italicized players are the most expensive in that category and the bold and italicized are different options to pick or possible stacks. We use FanDuel prices and they give us a salary of $60,000 for 9 total spots. We are currently picking for the full roster games in the non primetime slate of games (1:00 pm and 4:00 pm ET) Every pick I choose, except quarterback, will fall under $6700. I make this list because these are people who I believe will give you the most bang for your buck. I don’t think these are the only players you should have but they will be good to round out your roster after selecting the more expensive stars. Star players are stars but they are more expensive and everyone is looking to grab those players. The approach you need to take when drafting in DFS is that of Moneyball, who is cheap and will get you the farthest. I try my best to make that possible.

QB - Kirk Cousins $7300 (MIN vs. JAX)

Russel Wilson $9000

Stack option: Justin Jefferson $7700 or Adam Thielen $7800, Jefferson might go off for 150 yards on 5 catches but Thielen might catch 2 touchdowns it’s a tossup for who does better but either are a smart stack.

As editor in chief Keoni likes to say, the Vikings are a very balanced offense. He has even listed Cousins this week as his superstar. I am taking his advice and putting him on this list for 2 reasons; Keoni convinced me to believe in Cousins, and if it is a wrong sentiment, then all hate can be directed towards the aforementioned editor. This is still an easy selection however given Kirk has been playing very solid over the course of the past 4 weeks. In 3/4 of the weeks he has thrown 3 TD’s, and in the one he didn’t, he still threw 2 against a very good Chicago team. The Vikings are a very different team from the horrible one we saw at the beginning of the season, even though they lost to Dallas. It really does help that they go against Jacksonville this week, a team which has lost every game since their lone win in week 1.

RB - Devontae Booker $6000 (LV @ NYJ)

Dalvin Cook $10,500

More expensive option: Austin Ekeler $7000 This man saw 16 targets last week and while he won’t see that much again it's telling about his role in this offense.

Josh Jacobs is out and the Raiders are facing the Jets. That is really all I should have to say, and you should immediately draft him. The negative to this pickup is that Jacobs status is no secret, so Booker will likely be selected at a high rate. However, for the asking price he is worth it, so you can make more expensive moves somewhere else.

WR - Allen Lazard $5600 (GB vs. PHI)

Devante Adams $9500

More expensive option: Brandin Cooks $6500 Still under average price and this man is the new #1 on a team who has lost every other receiving option.

He is the number 2 receiver in the NFL’s highest scoring offense. This is the first week he carries no injury designation and is likely playing at 100% or at least as close to it as he will be this season. With Devante Adams eating up so much of the defensive coverage, Lazard could have a return to force against a weak secondary in Philadelphia.

TE - T.J. Hockenson $6100 (DET @ CHI)

Darren Waller $7000

More Expensive option: Darren Waller $7000 Beside Kelce Waller, is the go to TE this season and is going against the worst ranked defense against TE.

Chicago is a very strong defense in every category; their one weakness comes at defending against TE’s. T.J. is the most consistent tight end not named Travis Kelce suffering his only game under 7 points 3 weeks ago against Washington. In a position where 1 catch for a TD gets you a Top 10 ranking for the week, having someone you know is going to get you about 10 points is a luxury. Make the luxurious decision and go with Thank Jesus for Hockenson.

Flex - Michael Pittman Jr. $5600 (IND @ HOU)

Dalvin Cook $10,500

More expensive option: Devante Parker $6800 if Fitzmagic is in then this offense has a spark and Parker leads it.

Michael Pittman has slowly become the number 1 option on this team, and this is the first week he gets to go against a weak defense in that role. His output is dependent on how well the offense as a whole plays, but against a Houston defense, they shouldn't have that much of a struggle. In the past 4 weeks Pittman has seen 27 targets, calculating to about 7 a game, which is high for a rookie. This would be the best week for Pittman to finally have himself a truly strong outing with 100 yards and a TD; don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Def - Miami Dolphins vs. CIN $4900

Dolphins $4900

More expensive option: This is the most expensive option.

This is the most expensive option for a reason, the Dolphins have been a very good defense and are forcing turnovers frequently. The Bengals have no Joe Burrow which alone was the heart of the offense, and since he has left, the Bengals have scored 9 and then 17 points. Along with having no QB that can make things happen, they are without Joe Mixon, the promising RB. This game screams less than 10 points for the Bengals and with how bad their offensive line is, I would believe you if you told me the Dolphins got 8 Sacks.

Total Spent (using only value picks): $35,500

AVG Price Per Pick: $5916

Money Remaining: $24,500

AVG. Price left on 3 remaining roster spots: $8167

Flex players you could still afford with this team: Keenan Allen, Deandre Hopkins, Tyler Lockett, James Robinson, Every single one of my more expensive options and stack options.

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