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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Back to a normal week for us here. We use FanDuel prices and they give us a salary of $60,000 for 9 total spots. Every pick I choose, except quarterback, will fall under $6700. I make this list because these are people who I believe will give you the most back for your buck. I don’t think these are the only players you should have but they will be good to round out your roster after selecting the more expensive stars.

QB - Justin Herbert LAC VS. LV $7900

Dr. Patrick Mahomes $9300

Stack option: Keenan Allen $7500 he hasn’t had less than 10 targets in any game with Herbert besides the one he left with an injury.

Justin Herbert is 5th this year in points per game behind elite fantasy company, Russel Wilson, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, and Patrick Mahomes. All of those QBs are at least $700 more expensive than Herbert. Week in and week out, Herbert has been lighting it up and proving he is up for the job in the NFL. If there was a bonus given in fantasy to the winning QB we might be having a different discussion but winning doesn’t matter here. Las Vegas gives Herbert an excellent matchup being ranked 26th against the pass, and even against good defenses, he still gets 22+ points. He has a high floor and that’s always a great player to look for in daily picks.

RB - Jordan Howard MIA VS. AZ $4500

CMC $9500

More expensive option: James Robinson $7300, He goes against the 30th ranked defense against the run and has his starting QB missing, so it’s a perfect storm for fantasy. He should see the ball even more this week.

This is for sure the risky pick of the week, but I like the matchup a lot. Unless we are due for a big surprise, Howard is going to be the leading back this Sunday. Tua Tagovailoa gets his second start this game. Unlike his first start, the Miami defense probably won’t cause 3 scores, so we should be able to see more offense from Miami. The biggest draw for Howard has to be the price he is being sold at which is way to low for anyone who is set to take the starting amount of carries. Howard also has the specialty of seeing their goal line touches which really helps his case to get a touchdown. At $5000 less than the top option this is a deep value.

WR - Brandin Cooks HOU VS. JAX $6100

DeAndre Hopkins $8800

More expensive option: Stefon Diggs $7600 he has been extremely consistent and Josh Allen has been struggling as of late. However, I expect a good come back to form game against the worst pass defense in the league of Seattle.

In the past 3 games, Cooks has been averaging 10 targets and 8 receptions. This week, they are going against the Jacksonville Jaguars who are ranked 28th against the past in a game both teams need to win in order to keep any pride. I expect Watson to have a big game, and in return I don't see Cooks recent pace slowing anytime soon. The biggest challenge for Cooks will come in reaching the end zone but this week is as a good an opportunity as ever.

TE - T.J. Hockenson DET VS. MIN $6000

Travis Kelce $8000

More expensive option: Travis Kelce $8000 he is clearly the best in the league (minus maybe Kittle when healthy) and always gets the job done.

The tight end position this year especially has been absolutely random minus Travis Kelce and surprisingly T.J. Hockenson. T.J. has been extremely consistent this year, and in FanDuel he hasn’t been below 7.3 points in a game. The only downside is he hasn’t been above 14.4 points either. In a position where 1 touchdown and nothing else could be a top 15 day, I’ll take a guy who can get a decent score week in and week out. Golladay is also out and that should help T.J. get even more looks.

Flex - Cole Beasley BUF VS. SEA $5300

CMC $9500

More expensive option: Dalvin Cook $9300 the man is putting up QB numbers and is going against the 31st ranked Detroit. The only thing I see slowing him down is a possible re-injury.

Dirt cheap for a man who is in the battle for Mr. Consistent this week according to our editor Keoni. The man has seen one bad week and it was his last against a very solid New England defense. Josh Allen doesn’t throw check downs to running backs. Instead he throws those passes to Cole Beasley who sees about 6-7 targets a game and is going against the bottom ranked Seattle Seahawks. This is a bounce back game for sure.

Def - Washington Football team VS. NYG $4700

Steelers $5000

More expensive option: Steelers $5000 they are against Dallas this week and I am honestly afraid for the safety of whomever they decide is starting at QB. Dallas is so hurt they are on the 4th string QB and Zeke might not play. The only reason to not select the Steelers is because half of all lineups this week are going to pick them as well.

Washington’s defense is secretly good. They get sacks and if their offense wasn’t so terrible, they really wouldn’t allow points. They are going against the terrible Giants and should be able to shut them down with ease.

Total Spent (using only value picks): $34,500

AVG Price Per Pick: $5750

Money Remaining: $25,500

AVG. Price left on 3 remaining roster spots: $8500

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