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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Here are my daily fantasy value picks for the upcoming week. In this edition, I am only selecting from the Sunday Day games so no Sunday night or Monday night matchups. Remember you only receive $60,000 for a full 9 roster spots leaving an average of less than $6700 per player, so I am trying to give people who are below that number (or lower than the positional average in the case of QB’s) but who I think will have a strong return on investment. There are games that have been shifting so, I am going with where the games are currently and will add an edit if they change at a later time.

QB - Teddy Bridgewater (AKA Dripwater) CAR $7100

Patrick Mahomes is $9000 and the most expensive

Stack: Robby Anderson $6200

Teddy Bridgewater has been better than I expected to be this season and in general even with CMC out for the past couple weeks. The Panthers offense has been good, surprisingly good to be honest. Teddy has been averaging 287 ypg in the air through 4 games but only 1 passing touchdown per game. His best performance came last week against the Cardinals where he showed again that he still has the ability to spread the field with his legs by getting a rushing TD. This week, he goes against the Atlanta Falcons which have the 32nd ranked defense against opposing QB’s. Teddy is poised to boom in this game, and for his asking price you can fill in bigger pieces at other positions.

RB - Antonio Gibson WAS $5800

Ezekiel Elliot is $9000 and the most expensive

This is my boldest pick because they are going against one of the scariest defensive lines in the LA Rams, but Kyle Allen is the new starter for the Washington Washingtons. Last year, Kyle Allen never let CMC have less than 3 receptions in a game. Gibson is not CMC. We know that, but with the Rams defensive line going against Washington's weak offensive line, I don't see a lot of running being successful. What I do see is a lot of quick throws for fear of Aaron Donald. Gibson last week showed he can be a threat in the passing attack with 82 receiving yards. Gibson has also scored in the past 3 weeks, greatly helping his fantasy stock. For $5800 and the production that has been shown so far, Gibson is a must start.

WR - Darius Slayton NYG $5800

Deandre Hopkins is $8700 and the most expensive

Here are the teams the Giants have played in the first 4 games: Pittsburgh, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles Rams. If you can find the easy matchup in there please email me at I will reply and tell you how wrong you are. This week, they play the sorry Dallas Cowboys defense who allowed the Browns to drop almost 50 on them. This is the best matchup Slayton has had so far this season, and Slayton paired with Evan Engram are the best 2 targets for Daniel Jones. This year, Slayton has seen plenty of the targets in each game. He's just been unable to connect besides week 1. It seems as if every week Jones has Slayton deep for a touchdown, but he just overthrows him or is being pressured to throw it. I see not a lot of people grabbing Slayton this week based on previous production, but with this matchup, I believe Slayton is poised for a breakout week.

TE - Evan Engram NYG $5500

Travis Kelce is $7800 and the most expensive.

I normally don't like to have 2 players from the same team unless it's a stack at QB and WR/TE, but I believe not in the Giants offense but whole heartedly in how terrible the Cowboys defense is. Engram was drafted highly and was supposed to have his big breakout year to show he is a top TE in the NFL, but after the first 4 weeks, he has disappointed. For much of the same reasons I chose Slayton, Engram is also up here. The difference being is when the Giants are in the redzone, AKA a tight ends playground, I believe the Cowboys are so bad that both Engram and Slayton will have solid fantasy days.

Flex - Robby Anderson CAR $6200

Robby Anderson has been receiving the lions share of targets this year, and he is catching most of them. Teddy has elevated his play, and it really seems like Anderson just needed to get away from Adam Gase to finally have is career become consistent and a number one option in an offense. Anderson’s shortcoming is the lack of touchdowns, but his production in every other category has kept in the tops of fantasy football. Adding a touchdown to his games will only turn good games into great ones. If you pick Teddy for QB, having Robby Anderson somewhere in your lineup is an absolute must.

DEF - Pittsburgh Steelers $4400

Los Angeles Rams are $5000 and the most expensive

They are facing the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s all I should have to say, to be frank. The Eagles have looked very sad on the offensive front with former MVP candidate Carson Wentz throwing the ball in an almost unbelievably inconsistent rate. At times he makes an amazing throw and then turns around and throws and amazingly poor pass. The Steelers are not a team you can make mistakes against; they will capitalize and make the most of every little thing the Eagles do wrong. To go along with poor play by Wentz, the Eagles offensive line is nearly there just for show. The line is out there only to prevent illegal formation penalties. At this point, the Eagles are a charity organization for providing jobs to those who would otherwise be jobless. The Steelers know 2 things, sacks and turnovers, and we'll see a lot of those this Sunday.

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