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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Start Him

I have a friend who has had these QB’s on his team this year: Dak Prescott, Drew Brees, and Joe Burrow. It just goes to show how unstable these times are in fantasy football. I believe me recommending Derek Carr should be enough to show you how wild this season has been. Derek Carr has the best matchup this week going against the Atlanta Falcons who are the 32nd ranked defense against opposing QB’s. Las Vegas has been a surprising team this year, and Derek Carr is playing solid football with little turnovers. He has had his best games against Kansas City, but by far, this will be his easiest stretch of the season with the Falcons this week followed by the Jets. Carr has the ability to throw over 300 yards, which he has done twice, and also throw over 3 touchdowns, which he's done 3 times this year. If you are in a position where you are looking for a streaming option Derek Carr, to me, is a safe bet for the next 2 weeks. After this 2 game stretch, he is safe to drop and look for someone else, but Derek Carr is a very safe bet. He has been stable this year, and honestly, has had a difficult schedule. With him going against easy teams the next few weeks, I expect him to put up better stats than he has all season.

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