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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Sit Him

I know Swift had 3 TD’s in the past 2 weeks and he has been having a great back half of the season now that he has been freed, but guys, the Bucs defense is like really good against the run. The Bucs have allowed only 3 teams to have 100 yards or more rushing this year, and only Dalvin Cook has a 100 yard game as an individual player this year. Swift by comparison has only had 1 game with 100 rushing yards this year. The Bucs as a whole are the number 1 rush defense allowing 1,089 yards on the season compared to the second best Rams who have allowed 1,317 yards. Along with allowing an abysmal 77.7 yards a game per team, they have also only allowed 9 rushing TD’s which is just one behind the Saints league leading 8. 2 of those touchdowns came from Christian Mccafferey in week 2 and 3 total TD’s came in the first 2 weeks, so in the past 12 games they have allowed a total of 6 TD’s by way of running. I believe, the only hope for Swift this week comes in the way of passing. He will have to catch plenty of check-down passes which he is capable of, but I just don’t see it happening. If you must start Swift this week, understand you have to curb your expectations, and if you are in a position where someone else can fill into a spot that you are confident in then I would move towards them instead. The Bucs are too scary of a defense to have faith going into this game.

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