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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Start Him

He is the number 2 WR to what is probably the most talented QB we have ever seen in the NFL, except for Patrick Mahomes if he can maintain his pace. Aaron Rodgers is playing MVP caliber football behind the aforementioned Mahomes and Allen Lazard is the clear number 2 receiver in Green Bay. MVS drops the ball too much, Robert Tonyan is a TE and Devante Adams is the number one. Lazard is going against Detroit, which is a team who’s defense has been struggling greatly. Lazard has been hobbled by his core surgery for a large chunk of the season, and I can say I believe this is the week where he is finally at his 100%. The previous 2 were the warm up weeks, and this will be his magnum opus on the season so far. If the ball doesn’t go to Devante Adams then surely Lazard will be looked at throughout this game. Since I talked about Aiyuk on the podcast this week, you already know he is a solid flex play, but since JJ didn’t get to make his argument for Lazard, here was mine. Lazard has very solid flex play potential and could become a week 14 darling with a touchdown catch.

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