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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Travis Fulgham- Philadelphia Eagles WR

Over the last two weeks, there have been only 4 players that have scored more fantasy points than Travis Fulgham: Adam Thielen, Odell Beckham Jr., Chase Claypool and CeeDee Lamb. Now, I don’t believe that this is the true talent of Fulgham, but as we know, fantasy is a week to week game so we have to make adjustments on the fly. At the moment, the Philadelphia Eagles might have one of the most injured offenses when it comes to skill players missing including Alshon Jeffery, Jalen Reagor, DeSean Jackson and Dallas Goedert. So as normal, players have to step up and that has been exactly what Fulgham has done. He has shown that Carson Wentz trusts him and has the willingness to do so often. Fulgham is rostered in only .2% of leagues and while he may not have the same season long value as others, he currently is worthy of being at least a flex option and potentially a WR 2 depending on roster construction and injury situation.

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