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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Los Angeles Rams Defense/ST

Not often will you catch me advocating for a use of your waiver wire priority for a defense, so that should tell you how enticing of a matchup the Los Angeles Rams have the next two weeks. They have the pleasure of having the New York Giants and Washington Football Team on their schedule, and they couldn’t be better matchups. Both the Giants and Washington rank in the bottom 3 in the NFL in total offensive yards, are tied for 2nd in most turnovers, only behind the Eagles, and are bottom 8 teams in total points scored. The Rams are a middle of the pack defense in most categories, but the matchup with these two dumpster fire offenses is too favorable to pass up. The Rams are currently rostered in 28% of ESPN leagues, so they should be widely available and are worthy of back-to-back starts in your fantasy league. My advice would be to not waste your waiver priority on a defense, but if you are in need of a new defense or don’t have any other glaring spots to fill on your roster, then the Rams are worth it.

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