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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins

By definition, any game that has Patrick Mahomes playing is an exciting game to watch. The part that I will be paying attention to will be how the Dolphins compete against the NFL's elite. We know how good Kansas City is, but what I want to see is how head coach Brian Flores can scheme his team up to stay relevant in the AFC playoff race against their toughest opponent yet. The Dolphins currently sit at 8-4, 2nd place in the division, and as of today the 6th seed in the AFC. They need this game to stay in the playoffs, to show the rest of the NFL they are for real and that they're not just a flash in the pan team that has capitalized on weaker opponents. The Chiefs enter at 11-1 as the 2nd seed in the AFC, needing some help to get the solo bye week. Mahomes has looked as good as ever, and the Chiefs defense has played exceptional as well. The Dolphins have been winning on their defense, and the offense has provided just enough to get the job done with Tua as the starter. Tua has been looking like a typical rookie and has struggled, but he’s been playing efficiently enough to not lose games for the Dolphins. I think the result will still be a Chiefs victory, but the Dolphins should keep it close.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

The Steelers are coming in off of a surprising loss to the Washington Football Team, allowing the 1972 Dolphins to celebrate for another year. The Bills, led by Josh Allen, unleashed an absolute air raid on Monday night against the 49ers. I personally think the Bills are the 2nd best team in the AFC, only behind the Chiefs. I know the Steelers have suffered massive injuries on the defensive side of the ball losing Devin Bush and Bud Dupree for the year, but I think they have not looked as impressive as they were early on. Ben Roethlisberger has looked his age, and his playmakers haven’t helped him out much lately. The Steelers have only played 3 teams who currently sport a winning record, 2 of which are within their own division. I don’t think they have really been tested, and I think that this week will push their limits. The Bills have been electric on offense, and the defense has been playing better over the last few weeks. The way Josh Allen has been playing as of late has me believing that the Bills will come out on top this week and continue the Steelers losing streak.

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