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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Seattle Seahawks @ Buffalo Bills

Surrounding the midway point of the NFL season, we like to believe that we have ideas about teams that we can attribute to them with some confidence. What we can say about the Seattle Seahawks for sure is that the offense is extremely good. Behind MVP candidate Russell “Filet” Wilson they look unstoppable in the passing game, and with a healthy Chris Carson, the run game is an ever-present threat. With all that being said, we believe we know their defense leaves much to be desired. Entering week 9, they lead the league in most yards allowed by almost 40 yards a game, yet despite the defensive struggles, they enter the matchup against the 6-2 Buffalo Bills with an equally impressive 6-1 record atop the NFC West. The Bills, after getting out to a surprising 4-0 start have stumbled their way to 2-2 over the last 4 games. They have not looked like a great team and quite honestly have struggled against inferior teams the last 2 weeks. With that being said, they are doing what good teams should do and that’s win, even if it’s ugly. Josh Allen has cooled off after a great start, and the offense is sputtering with the defense not looking as sharp as last years team. Both teams come into the game as division leaders, and this should be a test to see if the Bills offense can keep up with the Seahawks as well as if either defense can string together some key stops late in the game.

Chicago Bears @ Tennessee Titans

This is an interesting matchup for many reasons, but the one that catches my attention is that I truly don’t know what to think about either one of these teams. Generally speaking, these teams are true opposites. The Bears with their stout defense and lackluster offense and the Titans with a high-powered offense and tremendously flawed defense. The Bears struggle due to a lack of average QB play. I believe if this team had slightly above average QB play, they would be true contenders in the NFC. What we are left with is a team that has to make the truly awful decision of whether Mitchell Trubisky or Nick Foles is under center each week. On the other hand, the Titans can’t stop anything. I may be a bit hyperbolic but not by much. The Titans are allowing a 3rd down conversion at a 62% rate this year, while also surrendering a TD on 80.8% of red zone possessions. For context, the Bears are league leaders in both categories with a 29.8% 3rd down conversion rate and 40% red zone TD rate. This will be a test of which team will be able to overcome their biggest weakness and prove to be more than a team with first round playoff loss potential.

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