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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals

While this may seem like a game against low end, low production and overall not great teams, “checks notes” … well actually that’s exactly what this game is, but let me try and convince you to have as much interest in this game as I do. I think these teams have two of the most interesting quarterbacks in the NFL, not best, but definitely most interesting. The legend behind Minshew Mania continues to grow and with it, Gardner Minshew has continued to impress and improve despite the 1-2 record. Joe Burrow, on the other hand, had all the hype and expectations that come with being the #1 overall pick, and to this point hasn’t disappointed. He’s currently 2nd in the league in pass attempts and with the way the Bengals defense has looked, I don’t expect that to slow down. These are two teams that are playing slightly above the expectations that were bestowed upon them coming into the year, and I think that makes this an even matchup that is worth paying attention to. It allows us to get a look into what the future looks like for these teams and maybe shows us that draft pedigree doesn’t always win out. Either way, I’m stoked to see how this game plays out and the fantasy implications that come along with it.

Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans

Both of these teams come in at 0-3, just as all the experts had predicted. While this wasn’t what we had expected out of both of these teams, there is definitely no denying that they have earned their records. They both rank in the bottom 8 in the NFL in terms of offensive yards and bottom 12 in total points scored, while also ranking in the bottom 12 in total defensive yards allowed and bottom 4 in total points allowed. Basically, what I'm saying is that these teams are bad and have been deserving of the outcomes. However, I don’t think that this truly represents who these teams are. Both teams’ opponents have 8-1 combined records, with one of those loses coming from a game against one another. So, now we have to decide whether we think that these teams are representative of the records they have or are a reflection of the opponents they have faced. Regardless of which side of the argument you agree with, I think that this is a true “loser leaves town” matchup and will end the season of one team only 4 weeks in.

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