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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

This is the first meeting this year for these NFC West opponents, setting up for a game with playoff ramifications. The Rams hold a 1-game lead over the Cardinals for 2nd in the division. The Cardinals, however, have a 1 game lead in record against divisional opponents. A Rams victory would even those records at 2-2, give them a 2-game lead in overall record and of course, the advantage in head-to-head matchups against the Cardinals. A Cardinals victory would give them a 3-1 divisional record, which would be the best in the division, and also give them an equal record to the Rams at 7-5. Both teams are coming off of disappointing losses in Week 12, falling to opponents with previous 4-6 records. Kyler Murray has been playing through a shoulder injury, and it definitely looks like it. He’s had arguably his 2 worst games of the year in consecutive weeks and hasn’t been giving fantasy managers that rushing baseline that they’ve come to expect. The Rams offense has been hit or miss, while the defense has been establishing themselves as a powerhouse anchored up front by Aaron Donald and in back by Jalen Ramsey. They don’t need much from their offense, but they need more than the 20 points they put up against an injured 49ers defense last week. This game has the makings of putting the winning team closer to the Seahawks for the division and the loser hoping to cling to one of the final 2 wild cards spots.

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