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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

I would like to start off this article by wishing everyone a belated Happy Thanksgiving. I know this year has had its ups and a lot of downs, but I’d like to thank everyone for supporting us here at the Fantasy Daydreamers. I’d like to thank all of my fellow Daydreamers for the work you all put in each and every week and want you to know how much I enjoy doing what we do. Thanks, stay safe and stay dreamin’!

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts

This is another pivotal divisional matchup in the AFC for the lead of the AFC South, and for the Colts a potential huge advantage. While the Colts and Titans are both currently sitting at 7-3, the Titans have the tiebreaker with a 2-1 division record. Now the Colts, who sit at 1-1 in the division, can break the tie and get a huge leg up as they would be 2-0 against the Titans. This means the Titans would have to finish with a better overall record and a better divisional and head-to-head record. With not much time left, the Titans would have to bank on the Colts falling apart. I don’t see that happening with the way the Colts defense has been playing as of late. They looked shaky in the 1st half of last week’s game vs. the Packers but locked them down in the 2nd half on route to an OT victory. The Titans came out and looked dominant early against the Ravens and ended up with an OT victory for themselves. I think the potential for the Titans offense makes them the most interesting potential wildcard team, but I still think the Colts have the best chance to win not only this game, but the division as well. - Aaron Clanton

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