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Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons

This matchup has the perfect mix of fantasy superstars and contributing flex picks that has caught my attention. We know what we’re going to get out of Julio Jones and Russell Wilson, but there are many more questions about the consistency of guys like Matt Ryan and Todd Gurley. I don’t believe that Week 1 will provide us with completely transparent answers about what we will expect going forward, but a good first step can go a long way. Will Todd Gurley show us flashes of his fantasy superstardom past or will we be looking not so far in the rear-view mirror to 2019, where he had his worst season in terms of production outside of his first 2 years. Can Calvin Ridley show us that he’s worthy of the offseason hype or we will be going into next year repeating the praises of his potential once more. Hopefully these questions and many more will begin to provide answers on Sunday.

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

After a turbulent and disappointing 2019, all the pressure is off the Browns and the expectations are no longer placed squarely on their shoulders. The Ravens however are now in Superbowl or bust mode and nothing less than a title will be seen as a success. Lamar Jackson has shown us that he is a superstar in the league and fantasy alike, now we turn to see what other parts of this offense will benefit the most from his talent. We’re waiting for the #1 wide receiver to reveal themself and hoping that clarity will begin to appear in the backfield. On the other side, the Browns have clear roles for their receiving core and we now just wait on the production to follow. The running backs on the other hand have started to give me pause. Kareem Hunt signed a 2-year extension and shows the commitment by this front office to giving Hunt a role. The only question now is how much that role will affect Nick Chubb. Baker Mayfield has proven in the past that he is a good quarterback, now the fantasy community is waiting to see if he can put it all together and power this potentially potent offense.

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams

My prediction for this week is that this matchup will have the highest scoring total and will provide tons of entertainment to end Sunday. High flying offenses with few new pieces should result in great fantasy production that will leave fantasy managers craving more. Young talent added on both teams in Ceedee Lamb and Cam Akers will be carving out their roles in primetime and look to show that the hype is real while proven players look to show they still got it. With expectations high for both of these teams, I expect to see all the stops pulled out to show that they are deserving of being talked about among the NFL’s elite. Dak Prescott will show us that he is worth the Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers-esc contract and Jared Goff will be working to prove that he deserves the contract he already has. All in all, I expect a ton of fantasy production from both of these teams so strap in and hold on tight for this shootout.

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